Our Challenges for the Next 20 years

Two Total operators carrying out an inspection at the Leuna refinery in Germany.

Satisfying the energy needs of a growing world population, curbing global warming, and adapting to changing customer behaviors and expectations are the three challenges that TotalEnergies, as an energy major, must meet over the next 20 years. Providing energy that is more affordable, more reliable, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible, that's what it means to be committed to better energy.

Meeting the Energy Needs of a Growing Population

billion people will need energy by 2040

Today, there are 7 billion people on Earth. In 2040, there will be 9 billion. What can be done to ensure that in 20 years everyone will have access to the energy on which our social and economic development depends?

The question is all the more important considering that 1.3 billion people today still don’t have access to electricity due to a lack of financial resources or their geographic isolation. Energy poverty is especially prevalent in the developing world.

Our response is to provide more affordable energy that is accessible to as many people as possible, in compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards.

Contributing to limit Global Warming

TotalEnergies' ambition for 2035 takes into account the IEA scenario

The world needs energy to meet its development needs, but energy that is locally more environmentally friendly and globally less harmful to the climate. How do we ensure better living conditions for a future world population of 9 billion people and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions to prevent global temperatures from rising beyond 2°C? To meet those needs, we must find a way to reconcile economic and social development with climate protection.

Our response focuses on four levers: expanding our presence across the entire natural gas chain; developing an integrated electricity business on the unregulated portion of the value chain; avoid expensive oil, reduce our emissions and promote both sparing oil use and biofuels; contributing to carbon. neutrality through energy efficiency and carbon sinks.

Staying Close to our Customers

million customers every day at our service stations worldwide

Consumer habits have changed. In the age of digitalization and the sharing economy, customers are conducting more and more transactions online and attaching greater importance to the utility of a product rather than to the product itself. A growing number of them also want to produce their own energy. As a result of these trends, customer expectations are changing, along with their relationship to energy. At TotalEnergies, we are sensitive to our customers’ changing needs and look for innovative ways to satisfy them.

To remain our customers’ partner of choice, we reinvent our relationship with them every day.

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