Deep Geographic Roots

Operators in front of a crude oil storage tank at the Jubail refinery in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to a pioneering spirit grounded in community engagement, we have become a leading oil major with a worldwide presence. Having virtually no domestic oil or gas resources, we have forged close partnerships with our host countries. Remaining true to this mindset means being permanently open to forming new alliances, which is key to our development, particularly in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We therefore act to become recognized as a partner in the sustainable social and economic development of the communities and regions in which we operate.

1st Group oil discovery in the Middle East with the Kirkuk field in Iraq.
No. 1
retailer in Africa.
No. 2
refiner and petrochemical producer in Western Europe.

Turning from our History to our Ambition: Africa, the Middle East and Europe

Three regions are central to TotalEnergies' strategy and today set us apart thanks to the quality of our local teams and the partnerships we have built up over the years.

  • Africa: We are the leading major in terms of the volume of our oil and gas production, the density of our retail networks and the supply of electricity. We want to continue to be the continent's partner of choice. To achieve this, we are capitalizing on two strengths: First, our close relationships with African countries, through our production partnerships, and with consumers, thanks to our service station network, which is Africa's largest. Second, our contribution to the continent's economic and social development, particularly through our efforts to allow access to energy to as many people as possible.
  • The Middle East: We started out here and are recognized as the partner of choice for oil producing countries. We continue to develop all aspects of our activities in the region, from exploration and production to refining and petrochemicals to the marketing of petroleum products. This enables us to share with our partners the expertise and experience we've acquired over the entire oil and gas value chain and help them expand in the growth markets of Asia.
  • Europe: The keystone of the Group's knowledge, Europe is and will remain the center of gravity of our research and innovation as well as a strong industrial base. This region is our Group's development showcase.

Our presence isn't limited to these three regions as we operate in over 130 countries spanning five continents, making us one of the leading international oil and gas companies.

A Partner in Local Socio-Economic Development

The principles and values of safety, human rights and social and environmental responsibility are part of our DNA.

Our success in building and developing partnerships around the globe has also been possible because we have integrated the creation of local value into our development model. The systematic and professional implementation of this approach has proven to be a major competitive advantage.

Our approach is built on dialog with local communities and public and private sector stakeholders, resulting in the joint determination of development priorities and the creation of long-term synergies.

Moho Nord, a Win-Win Partnership in the Republic of the Congo

At Moho Nord, TotalEnergies is working with a long-term outlook to ensure that this major oil project creates shared wealth.

Our Worldwide Presence - Employees

Our Worldwide Presence

100,000 employees in over 130 countries
Operators carry out an inspection at a pumping station in Ogbogu, Nigeria.

Our community initiatives