Total et l’Angola : 60 ans d’une histoire commune



“We are celebrating entrepreneurship, boldness and persistence,” said Christophe de Margerie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total, looking back on our 60 years of partnership with Angola.

From relatively modest beginnings in 1953, we have risen to become the country’s leading oil company, with around 600,000 barrels per day of operated production. Our activities picked up pace in the early 2000s, after the civil war ended. It all started with Girassol in Block 17 in 2001. The development was followed at virtually three-year intervals by Rosa, Dalia, Pazflor and, soon, CLOV in the same "golden block." This performance has made Angola a showcase for our operational and technological excellence*, paving the way for us to be chosen to develop the Libra field, the largest pre-salt discovery to date in Brazil.

From the Deep Offshore to the Ultra-Deep Offshore
Home to the Kaombo project, for which the final investment decision is expected in the near future, Block 32 is the successor to the golden block. We have the expertise needed to develop these smaller, more widely scattered reservoirs lying in water depths of up to 2,200 meters. Very recent technological innovations in the areas of seismic acquisition and imaging, along with advances in subsea equipment, make it possible to meet this latest challenge.

We are also getting ready for the post-Block 32 era: in December 2011, we acquired interests in exploration licenses in the South Atlantic Kwanza Basin. The target reservoirs are located under a thick layer of salt and will require increasingly high-tech investments. Total hopes that exploration of this pre-salt play will lead to giant discoveries like the ones made offshore Brazil in similar geological formations.

Actively Contributing to Angola’s Development
In Angola, as in the rest of the world, Total is committed to driving local economic development. We have set ambitious objectives, such as raising the number of nationals in our affiliate’s workforce even further — to over 80% in 2017, versus around 74% today — and lifting local content to 13.5 million hours, nearly four times as much for Pazflor. Our operations are conducted in an environment shaped by gaps in both infrastructure and skills. To address the latter issue, we spend $17 million a year on training . More than ever, Angola and shared development are drivers for us.

* Total was recognized with the Offshore Technology Conference 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, presented in Houston, for the Pazflor project. We won the same prestigious award for the Girassol project in 2003.

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