Why invest in TotalEnergies?

TotalEnergies is a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Our 105,000 employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, clean, reliable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Active in more than 130 countries, TotalEnergies puts sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of people.

Our ambition: to become the responsible energy company

Our mission is to meet growing energy demand worldwide while moving to a lower-carbon global energy mix and more environmentally friendly operations.

Increasing energy while decreasing emissions

In the next decade, our energy production will grow by one third, half from Liquefied Natural Gas, half from electricity, mainly from renewables, while our oil products sales will decrease by almost 30%.

TotalEnergies' sales mix will be composed of 30% oil products, 5% biofuels, 50% gases, 15% electrons.

A strategy creating long term value for our shareholders

TotalEnergies continues its growth and develop itself as a broad energy company within the framework of an integrated strategy around four areas:

Natural gas: 

  • Grow LNG (#2 player) and develop biogas / clean H2
  • Promote natural gas for power and mobility


  • Accelerate investments in electricity generated primarily from renewables
  • Integrate along the electricity value chain (production, storage, trading, supply)

Petroleum products:

  • Focus investments on low cost oil and biofuels
  • Adapt refining capacity and sales to demand in Europe

Carbon neutrality:  

  • Investing in natural carbon sinks (forests, wetlands…) and CCUS (Carbon
    Capture, Use and Storage)


Solid financial fundamentals

TotalEnergies remains focused on operational excellence and financial discipline to maintain solid fundamentals:

  • an operating cost around $5 per barrel,
  • a discipline on its organic investments,
  • an organic cash breakeven below $25 per barrel,
  • a strong balance sheet with the objective of anchoring gearing sustainability below 20%.

An investment policy consistent with our ambition

Half of our yearly capital expenditure is devoted to growth: 50% for renewables and electricity and 50% to our other businesses, notably liquefied natural gas. The remaining half of our capital expenditure is devoted to maintaining the company’s traditional businesses from which we draw the bulk of our cash flow.

An attractive dividend

More than 550,000 shareholders have placed their trust in TotalEnergies, and benefit from the growth of the company. Our dividend, paid quarterly, offers an attractive yield.

The group paid a dividend of €0.83 per share for fiscal year 2000, €2.28 per share for fiscal year 2010, and will be at €2.64 per share for fiscal year 2020, subject to approval by the 2021 Shareholders' Meeting. The gross yearly dividend yield is attractive, above 5% over the past 10 years. It is based on the dividend paid out for the financial year and the average market price of Total's shares on Euronext Paris for the same year. The dividend is supported through economic cycles and is paid quarterly.

An ambition of carbon neutrality by 2050

TotalEnergies shares the ambition to get to Net Zero emissions by 2050, together with society, for its global business across its production to the energy products used by its customers.

At the 2021 Shareholders’ Meeting, our shareholders supported by a large majority the Company's ambition with respect to sustainable development and energy transition towards carbon neutrality and its related targets by 2030.

  • Find out the text of this ambition on page 21 of the document below:

2020 Climate Report

Investor contacts

By phone: +33 1 47 44 24 02

Becoming a shareholder

Being a TotalEnergies shareholder means being an actor in the energy transition. By becoming owner of one share, you express your confidence in our strategy, outlook, and our management.

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